“How Evil People Use Broom To Lock People’s Destiny” – Prophet Samuel Olaluwoye Reveals

According to Prophet Samuel Olaluwoye, He said,

Giving your neighbors your broom to use is not advisable because after using it they will hold the broom on the head and invoke some incantations in it and lock it. In as much as they can use broom to lock your destiny, marriages, womb, career, money, wealth and many more.
It’s even more dangerous than padlocks. In order words anytime you use your brooms at home don’t drop it anyhow or don’t lock it and drop it because if you do that day things will not go well for you.
He went on and said;

After using your brooms at home leave it open and drop it and stop exposing it to the outside. Have you seen in a situation whereby you will borrow your brooms to your neighbors only to return it back you will discover it been lock And you that is not spirit wise you will collect it and keep it without opening it.

He went ahead and said;

They uses broom some many people’s exceptations are being cut short by brooms.
You giving your broom out to someone after using it they will cut the inside of the broom short and invoke their evil incatonactons and return it. At times when you look at your broom you will discover that the inside is short while the outside is longer It means your expectations are being cut short. That’s why many people will live for 20years without having a child.

And How Is All These Being Done?

It is done with old brooms only.

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