White man pulls his pants down to black women to prove that white men has bigger dicks (Video)

A White man wanted to prove to a group of Black women that White men have a bigger package than Black men so he let the women pull his trousers to check, but it was an epic fail because the women were hardly impressed and went on to laugh at him.

The experiment reportedly happened this past weekend inside a nightclub in Houston. The man, who is a social media star, approached the African American women allegedly after he overheard them saying which men have small p*nises. To prove them wrong, he let them experiment on him.

In the viral video, the man is seen inviting the women to explore the lower region of his anatomy. One woman stepped forward, opened his zip, pulled his pants and began to explore. Then the mockery began.
“This not big,” the woman says, touching him through his briefs.

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“That’s chicken nuggets,” she adds and her friends laugh in the background, mocking the guy.
Oh boy! White guy pulls his pants to prove to a bunch of Black women that Caucasians have bigger p*nis … and you won Embarrassed, the man pulled up his pants and zipped up as the women continued laughing and mocking him.

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