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Dead body seen ‘Smiling’ as the body is exhumed after 2months of being buried (Photos)

Incredible images show a ‘smiling’ deceased Buddhist monk being exhumed by his dedicated followers- two months after he died.

Revered monk Luang Phor Pian died on November 16 last year in Bangkok, Thailand when he was 92-years-old.

Originally from Cambodia, Pian spent the majority of his life serving as a well-known spiritual and Buddhist guru in Lopburi, central Thailand.

When he died, his body was returned to the temple where he served for burial.

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This week his followers removed his body from his coffin as part of a traditional Buddhist ceremony.

But they were shocked to discover the corpse had barely decayed and he appeared to have a ‘smile’ on his face.
The Buddhist guru’s body was exhumed by followers this week

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