P.Diddy wants to have 10 kids…. He already has 6 children (Video)

Diddy may be the father of six children already, but the 48-year-old father and music mogul admitted on Friday that he’s down for more — and longtime girlfriend Cassie might be surprised to hear he’s thinking about as many as ten total!!! 6

During a Breakfast Club interview at the end of the week, Diddy said (below):

“I love children. I’m trying to get ten.”

Whoa!!! Really??

Well… he was kind of kidding about that ten part… but he’s not kidding about having more kids.

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The star continued (below):

“I could go to eight without a problem. Whatever is supposed to happen in the future is going to happen, but that’s something that I want. I would only have it with my girl of course.”

That’s wild!!! Guy’s got some energy at 48 if he’s thinking like this! LOLz!!

Here’s the full interview (below):

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