Nigerian Lady Tattoos Her Boyfriend’s Face On Her Arm (Photos)

This Beautiful Nigerian lady, named Stephanie, just posted new photos of the tattoos she just Got well its that of her boyfriend’s face on her arm in Abuja… whats your take??

See some reactions below;

victormichael70; When he breaks up with you or the relationship fails! That tattoo will become an edifice of sorrow, I hope it’s a “temporary” tattoo

bolzaefx; Lmao .you no see the big chain for the guy neck …you go know say na Iya last hope be that ..she prolly never Thot she could snag someone like him …

veekeyluv; I don’t know why ladies don’t learn from other victims!!! Even to tatoo hubby face sef this days is risky talkless of boyfriend…well-done!!!

_ade_nike; If they ask them to do through a little pain for there parent, they will refuse to but can go through pains of needles for the sake of a man that might not even marry them. Rubbish

deola_wambi; Please I’ll be waiting here till when the guy break Up with you so I can help you tattoo the remaining RIP under it

bebo_abosede; Just pray the guy doesn’t break up with u, cos i don’t knw why u would tattoo ur body for a guy u are not married to.

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