Woman plunges to death while having sex

A Thai prostitute allegedly having “very strange, extravagant sex” with a British tourist on a hotel balcony plunged five floors to her death.

According to The Mirror, Wannipa Janhuathon (26) fell from an apartment in Pattaya, south of Bangkok in Thailand last Saturday. Eyewitnesses said they heard a “loud crash” as her naked body hit the ground. A half used packet of “sex drugs” were lying on the ground next to her.

She reportedly suffered terrible head injuries and multiple fractures.

CCTV footage revealed that Reece Vella (25) a British tourist, had accompanied her up the stairs at the apartment a few hours before.

Vella apparently panicked after she fell, and stole a motorbike and fled.

Cops launched a manhunt and detained him the following day.

Cop Lieutenant Narong Chantra is quoted in the report as saying: “The police case is that on the day of the incident Mr Vella visited the bar and paid to take Miss Wannipa away.

“Miss Wannipa and Mr Vella were having very strange, extravagant sex on the balcony until she fell down below and died.

“Mr Vella was in shock and knowing that he had overstayed his visa ran away and kept her mobile phone in his bag and left the room.

“Mr Vella has been arrested on suspicion of negligence causing others to die, overstaying his visa in excess of 59 days and stealing a motorcycle at night.

“The foreign suspect will be processed and prosecuted in accordance with the law.'”

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