How to Upgrade To Business Class on American Airlines

It is a common practice for most of the companies to buy economy class tickets for their employees. Naturally, this is the cheapest option that is advantageous for the budget. However, the very passenger would prefer to spend time in the air in more comfortable conditions. On this account, the upgrade to business class option is the way to fix this.


Eligible Ticket with AA


American Airlines is a prominent air carrier with a huge flow of passengers. Those who fly with AA on a regular basis are aware that an eligible ticket is required. It means that not all airfares are subject to the option. To check it, you need to find one of the following letters in your ticket: K, G, H, O, Q, N, S, M, V, and L. Full fare tickets containing letters P, W, and Y are also eligible to upgrade. So, if any of the said letters are present, you can turn your coach seat into the business one either on a domestic or international flight.


Still, such information should be verified before buying the ticket rather than when you already have it. It is easy to check by clicking the “details” button when you are to make a booking. If you see one of the above-mentioned letters in the booking code, everything is fine. However, you do not have an absolute guarantee to shift to the higher class since the availability of seats for the upgrade is upon the AA.


Space Availability


All activities related the upgrade to the business class on American Airlines are useless if no seats are available. Besides, it is possible that the company is not willing to offer empty seats for coach passengers. Why? I wish I knew that. Still, there is always the way out.


Being an Amateur


The first option to check the space availability is for people who do not want to be preoccupied. They usually hope for fortune and hover on the waitlist. If you do not belong to such category of passengers, you should switch to a Pro level.


Being a Pro


Such approach requires additional financial and time expenses. Still, everything is easy and affordable for those who fly regularly with AA. All you need is to opt for a special tool called ExpertFlyer, which is available for almost $10 per month. Using it, you will always be informed about available space and be first on the line to get it.


The “C” Magic


Another letter plays a significant role in upgrading procedure. The “C” index shows whether the seat is upgradable. You do not even have to use the above-mentioned tool to check this. You are welcomed to call the AA customer service and ask.


Let’s imagine that all the described requirements are met and you are ready to exchange your narrow coach cabin for spacious business class. So, how much is the fish?


How Much


First of all, you need to have a collection of AAdvantage miles to perform the transaction. Otherwise speaking, no miles no upgrade. Still, if you are ready to pay a bit less than $2 apiece, you are welcomed. Still, you are unlikely to be willing to do since flights within the U.S. require 15,000 miles plus $75 in cash. International routes cost even more with 25,000 miles and $350 of additional payment.


Upgrade Procedure


Using AAdvantage account is a preferable way to perform operations to upgrade. However, you can do this by phone or at the check-in desk. The latter option is not popular since the upgradable seats are usually taken by those who bought the upgrade via the official website. Hence, it is highly recommended registering an account and deploy it for all related transactions. Passengers who are to fly more than 8 hours will appreciate the flight in more comfortable conditions.

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