Read how this beautiful Nigerian lady marries her man within 1 month of meeting him (Photo)

This Nigerian Lady Met Her Man & Got Married Under 1 Month.

A Nigerian bride, Kassandra Okafor has just surprised the world by recounting on how she came out of an abusive relationship, only to meet her husband whom she got married to under a month, just as her mum had wanted.

According to her, in 2017 her mother dreamt that herself and her younger sister would get married that same year..

She said she found it hard to believe as she just got off a toxic relationship. In March, her younger sister’s bride price was paid and her wedding was fixed for December.

Surprisingly, Kassandra met her husband – who she happens to also share the same birthday with – in November and they got married the next month, four days before her sister!

See her post below:
“DESTINY MIGHT BE DELAYED BUT NEVER FAILS. Early 2017 my mom called my kid sis and i saying she dreamt where her two daughters got married this year within me I was like ” me that is not ready by the way I just came out of a toxic relationship”, March 2017 my kid sis bride price was paid almost everyone around me was like ha why will your kid sis get married before you and you are happy I laughed, some people felt pity for me saying so many things, I cared less because I was more than happy my kid sis was getting married so I have a wedding to plan, I was busy planning my kid sis white and traditional marriage didn’t know I will end up planning mine too, my kid sis wedding date has already being fixed for 29th December my mom came again with same dream I called her mommy she answered this is august how is that even possible and she said My God does not lie, hian fast-forward to November, year was already running out i jokingly told her mummy please be happy one of your daughter is getting married don’t worry about me, momcy was still talking her own, 2nd week of November my husband came along, he drove to Lagos just to see me left the next day proposed after one week got married after one month, amazingly he too was told he will meet his wife before December and we will have something in common guess what that is ” same birthday day February 8” my kid sis had to forfit her date December 29 and moved hers 4 days after mine, and my mom dream came to past. Destiny might be delayed but it never fails. CONGRATS TO THE DAUGHTERS OF OKAFOR Family MAY GOD BLESS OUR UNION.”

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