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CNN reporter lits marijuana joint on LIVE TV (Video)

CNN anchor Randi Kaye rang in the New Year from Denver on Sunday’s NYE coverage on the news network.

Reporting live from the Mile High City, Kaye joined denizens of the Cannibus, a party bus loaded with marijuana enthusiasts, and showed off a gas mask bong to hosts Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper via satellite.

After explaining how the bong worked (without partaking), Kaye handed it off to a local Denver citizen who showed the smoking apparatus in action, taking a mighty puff from the mask as Kaye lit the bowl.

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Kaye was quick to assure Cooper and Cohen that marijuana use was legal in Denver.

Later in the broadcast, Kaye reported from a “puff, pass and paint party” where she appeared on-air holding a burning joint, though she did not take a pull from it. Kaye traversed the party, chatting with smokers painting their works and holding her own joint.

Watch Video Below:

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