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Soldier home for Christmas died trying to rescue people from the horrific Bronx fire

Emmanuel Mensah


Ghanaian-American national guard who was on holiday died in the Bronx inferno on Thursday while trying to rescue people from an apartment building in New York.

Emmanuel Mensah, 28, whose family immigrated from Ghana to the United States five or six years ago, was one of 12 people who lost their lives in the fire, reports NYPost.

It was the deadliest inferno since the 1990 Happy Land Social Club arson took 87 lives less than a mile away.

Emmanuel would be remembered as one of the African immigrant heroes who sacrificed their lives for others in the United States.

His 62-year old dad Kwabena Mensah, told The Post that his son “was trying to help people out from the fire, and unfortunately he lost his life. He tried to do his best.”

He said Emmanuel, who had been home from Army duty for the holiday after finishing basic training in Georgia, was scheduled to head next to Virginia and from there to battlefields unknown.

But the blaze at the five-story apartment building near the Bronx Zoo killed him.

The father, who lives next door to the now-gutted building, had spent much of Thursday and Friday visiting hospitals, waiting for word from his son and holding out hope he was still alive.

“I came home praying for something good, but unfortunately it’s bad,” he said. “He never made it out.”

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