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95-Year-Old Man Finally Gives His 70-Year-Old Wife Dream Wedding And Honeymoon He Promised Her 40 Years Ago (Photo)

A 95-year-old great-grandfather has fulfilled a pledge he made to his 70-year-old wife 40 years ago to give her a grand wedding and dream honeymoon.

95 year old man finally gives 70 year old wife dream wedding

The man, identified as Pa Henry Kariuki, who seemed to remember details of his first meeting with his wife, Alice Wanjiku, tied the long awaited knot with her at the ACK Passenga Church in Nyandarua County, Kenya.

Turning to his wife of 40 years at the church entrance, he said:

“Alice, remember that first day we met? I promised you a colourful church wedding and honeymoon at a place of your choice. That is where I’m taking you today”.

Limping due to advanced age, Pa Kariuki gave himself a pat on the back for not only fulfilling his wife’s much cherished dream after 40 years, but also legalizing their union in compliance with the laws of that country.

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