“Fela did not die of AIDS” – Wives open up on Fela

Fela’s wives, Bolanle Babayale and Omolara Kuti opened up to Sun News on life with the late afro beat maestro, narrating their lives and times with him.

It was a very lengthy interview, so we just take excerpts from the interview.

So, what do you do now?

I am a retiree; a pensioner to be precise.

After your experience with Fela, would you advise your children to go into music?

My children are doing their own-o. I don’t interfere with their dreams and they are successful businessmen and women.

Do you have any regrets meeting Fela?

I have none. He was the greatest thing that happened to me.

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There was this report after Fela’s death that he died due to HIV. As a woman who knew him very well, what is your take?

I don’t believe that. Fela did not die of AIDS. I still wonder what gave them that impression. What killed Fela was the beating he received from soldiers for many years. He was always in pain because of the beatings and that affected his health seriously. I totally disagree that Fela died of AIDS.

Read the full interview here

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