See Pastor Adeboye At RCCG Convention In 1987 (Throwback Photo)

Pictures are amazing. They remind us what great things God has done. And how he can make small things suddenly blossom.

It doesn’t take God anything to blossom whatever he has called you to do. Be it ministry, business or whatever. He is always faithful and if you trust him enough he would take you to heights not attained

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Look at Adeboye’s wonderful and cheerful smile. You could tell he loved doing this! So love doing whatever you find yourself doing no matter how small it is!

“Seest thou a man diligent in his work he shall stand before kings and not mere men.”

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  1. That’s Bishop Wale Oke’s Sword of the Spirit’s Holy Ghost Convention HGC) in 1987. Also in the picture are Revd Wale Oke, Solomon Adebara and othet pastors

  2. Thank you very much for this post,,,some people are less concerned with your past , but when they notice good things in your life which God has done their will be a problem?

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