“Jacob’s father is sick yet he bought him beer” – Bobrisky replies MC Galaxy, says the video he shared is fake (Photo)

Bobrisky is still holding tight to the notion that Jacob “scammed” him of N60,000… and lied about his father’s sickness.

Recall yesterday, MC Galaxy got to the root of the whole situation, after he visited Jacob and his father in Jos, just so he can confirm if indeed Jacob lied about his father’s health or not.. Yes, It’s true, and Jacob’s father is indeed suffering from an illness, that might get his leg amputated.

Galaxy yesterday shared the video of the visit to Jos, while talking about the brouhaha between him, Bobrisky and Jacob.. READ HERE

Galaxy in the video also showed the viewers the “leg” of Jacob’s father, which may get amputation soon.. Apparently, Jacob wasn’t even lying.

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Galaxy also in the video promised to pay Jacob the whole 6-months salary Bobrisky is owing him, which sums up to N25,000 x 6 = N150,000… He also gave Jacob the sum of N300,000 for his Father’s treatment.

Now, in response to the whole issue, Bobrisky has said he still doesn’t believe Jacob’s father is ill.. Perhaps, he’s thinking it’s all the work of makeup and photoshop or something..

Bobrisky argues that if Jacob’s father is really ill, why then did Galaxy buy him a bottle of star? Lol

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