Youth Corper Accused Of Stealing Chicken Flogged With Rods & Cutlass (Photos)

A youth corper was allegedly beaten in Kebbi State after been accused of stealing chicken.

Here is what was shared on Facebook..

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Hello Facebook:

Please let’s make this go viral, jungle justice must come to an end.

I am about to be famous
I intentionally waited until today to post this one, because i was waiting and hoping i will get at least a lot more online support. But to see only just 4 shares or rebroadcast is bullshiiiiit from yall.
Well, with or without the support? the truth will be known, This is my story……..

On the first day of December i was a little too over excited, though a lot has been going south lately, so over excited that i wore a joggers forgetting my small Imose phone could possibly drop. that mistake ended with me going off communication because i no longer have a sim or means of communication. so the bright beginings ended in gloom and i couldn’t sleep.
i took a walk on my street and joined the local vigilante group just a few miles away from my compound. we had a long chat and i was there for a while before i changed location. i did not go home. there was no sleeping that night.

On the second day of December, a few familiar faces crowded my home, and they were ready to investigate the burgling and theft of TWO CHICKENS.

They had no licence and i had no phone to call any relative. so i allowed an unlicensed thorough search of my crib. they checked my fridge first, scooping all my frozen foods to find chicken. Thank God i only had fish alongside many other things but nothing related to chicken. These unlicensed executives without proper understanding or knowledge went ahead to scatter my bags and even went thus far to check my toilet. Jesu!!!!!!!

I allowed this nonsense not because i couldn’t shout or show myself , there was absolutely no need to be like them so i just played cool and obeyed every command like zombie. When the search was over , i asked if other tenants would also be checked and i was told that there was no absolute need for that.

We proceeded to their town or ogogoro joint to settle the case. listen, here comes the funny part. While at the spot two workers at the poultry brought fresh evidence found in the public waste. They evidence comprised of two chicken legs and a few feathers. nothing else. let me state that this evidence was found by the workers of the poultry with access to other chicken legs and a lot of feathers yet they brought a few. i laughed in my heart and watched the drama unfold.

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With the above evidence i was sentenced to two by two flogging , rods and cutlass whipping. I took this torture with dignity hiding my true identity . they finally woke a sleeping lion.
I was flogged until i got enough scars then they went further to drag me across town screaming “Ole fowl” this i could not bear. UNDER duress i confessed to the theft and was charged the following fee
10000 for community
8000 for the poultry owner
and additional 3000 for the burgle

I paid them this fee knowing they will pay back , and i was evicted from my house. Lord have mercy. So from that Saturday i was asked to pack on Sunday even with my broken bones and mind. i packed the most i could ALONE. i only left my fridge and mattress so i could plan. These bloodclot came to my house on Monday morning while i was licking my wounds and taking meds. they threatened to flog me again and also took my 15000 caution fee given to them by the stupid agent who called them in the first place. I told them that one is enough to bring out the worst side of this smiling devil .
i fought them for my money and got every penny though not from them but a loyal relative Omabor Omatsola Franklin.

This is my story, this is what i get for serving Nigeria in the far end of Makuku kEBBI STATE. I was the only the only corp member that stayed back ask google. this is what i get for going to school. This is what i get for working with Edo state government house and Vibes FM.
is this what i get for attending Uniben? Ekenwan for that matter. Please i beg you this time , @ekus Aliogo Ugochukwu write my story and share because this time i cannot stand alone. post it anywhere. we no go gree oo we no go gree. we must sail this fight to the best end.

I choose to say no this time
no to jungle justice
no to community violence
no to unlicensed assault
no to community pass government.

Kindly share this story

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