CHRISTMAS: How to avoid long queues at ATM points

Long queues of customers have always characterised the Yuletide in the last couple of years. While banks and automated teller machines (ATM) have always been bombarded by thousands of users, waiting to deposit or withdraw cash is just as hectic.

Even before the Yuletide, bank customers in Nigeria have often been subjected to unpleasantly long queues across the country.

The surge of everyone trying to withdraw cash at once usually causes discomfort to users and the machines become overworked, and the vicinity of ATMs becomes a magnet for robbers and pickpockets.

However, there are tips to follow to avoid being caught off-guard this Yuletide.

It is always best to withdraw at once money that could last more than a week, instead of going daily to cash money.

Try and use more of online channels to purchase goods and products needed instead of handling cash.

It is always best to get to any ATM point early enough as most efficient IT departments in banks load cash from 8am daily. And during this period, most banks may load just two out of five ATMs.

Always transfer money to a particular card instead of using more than two cards at the sametime on the dispensing machine, it causes impatience for others on the queue.

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Except when in dire need, always use your bank’s ATMs for withdrawals because once it’s not the issuing bank, the ATMs are configured now to dispense N10,000 and you can imagine how many N10,000 comprise a N120,000 withdrawal, which would also cause agitation for others on the queue.

Remember that banks also deduct N65 for every transaction involving a seocnd bank’s ATM card as against the CBN’s directive of deducting it once after the third transaction.

When confused about the ATM functionality, rather than waste time fiddling with it, try and call the bank’s security personnel to help out.

Never attempt to count money after receiving money at the ATM because, aside wasting the time of others still on the queue, it also attracts unscrupulous, crooked people.

Don’t waste time by checking your balance after withdrawal because alert would be sent to your mobile thereafter.

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