Format of job scams turned into Drug & Sex Trafficking rings run by Nigerians in South Africa (See Details)

An online user shared details of how job search scams are turned into drug and sex trafficking.

Read her revelation:

Dear Ladies: How a simple photocopy of your CV done at an internet cafe can get you sex trafficked or find yourself working as a prostitute in the streets of SA [Thread] RT for awareness.❤

The unemployment rate is very high in SA, so it the desperation to get a job. Predators know about this and they use it to their advantage. I’ll be using a scenario including Nigerians because they’re the ones I know of who do this. Not trying to offend anyone or any group✌

Our communities are full of internet cafes owned by Nigerians, and we love using their internet cafes. They’re very nice and resourceful

You go to their shop and get your cv photocopied, you ask for 2 copies and you get your 2 copies, innocent right? Wrong! They make an extra copy, give you the ones you paid for and they keep the other copy

Or you ask them to write your cv for you. You get your hardcopy and walk out. Do you check if the one on the system is wiped off? No, it’s not an issue right? Wrong!

These guys keep copies of your cvs and contact you pretending to be employers. By the way, they work with South Africans. Let’s say you’re looking for a restaurant job. You get a call that there’s a new restaurant opening close to you and they’re looking for waiters/barman

You’ve been searching for a job for a long time you don’t even bother asking where they got your details. Or if you do, they can just say a friend or your previous employer referred you to them. They have your cv so they know where You’ve worked before

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They tell you to come meet up with them at building no. What what, corner this and that. NB. Be careful of ‘interviews’ that take place outside of their ‘offices’ or inside these dodgy looking kinda buildings

You get there, they ask your a few questions- most of them don’t make sense really when you think about it. You get the job, then now they are taking you to their ‘offices’, where you will be working- you will be working alright.

They take you to their buildings. You get to a room- boom girls everywhere looking exhausted, beaten up and all the horror you can think off. Next thing you either feel a gun behind you, you’re told to be quiet and you get injected with drugs or you just injected before you even

Know what’s happening. Those drugs will turn you into their slave, you’ll be working your butt off- literally to get a fix. And the unfortunate ones get trafficked

They also target student nurses, they either use you as a prostitute or you’ll work for them as their full time nurse- they need these girls to stay alive right

So ladies, even gents… please be careful when receiving these calls about job offers where the interviews are not even conducted in their offices or in dodgy buildings Please be vigilant all the time guys ❤

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