Justin Bieber’s main bodyguard arrested for drunk driving, injures 2 cops (Photos)

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard is in a heap of trouble after allegedly driving drunk, smashing into a police car, badly injuring the cops and then fleeing the scene before he was corralled and arrested.

Michael Arana, the head of Bieber’s security, was driving in Miami at around 3 AM Thursday when his SUV tore into the police car. One of the cops was so badly hurt he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. The other officer was also taken to the hospital.

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Arana booked it, but another cop happened to be near the crash scene and apprehended him. He refused a blood test at the scene.

Cops found receipts in Arana’s pocket showing he paid for various alcoholic beverages after midnight.

He faces a slew of charges … 3 separate DUI charges, and 3 charges of leaving the scene of an accident.

One of the cops has been released from the hospital. The other is still there.

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As for Bieber, he was in L.A. No word yet on whether he’ll keep Arana on the payroll.

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