Nigerian Girl Buys A New Car To Celebrate Her 24th Birthday (Photos)

It feels so nice seeing that Nigerian Girls are beginning to realise, its not all about sleeping with Men and Sugar Daddies for money ,but its about seeing their selves as a personality that needs to make something useful of themselves, Lemaar_ (not her real name) is a perfect Example of such kind of Women.

Lemaar is a Fashion Stylist and Entrepreneur, she realised she could do just good making unique designs of anything catchy! Recently she bought her self a brand new car as she turned 24yrs old.

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Unlike some girls that go about sleeping with men for quick cash… Lemaar sits in her cupid and make people wear her outfits and its really paying her real good,the big question is

“Do we have Such Independent Women? Apart from Celebrities, Are Nigerian Ladies ready to learn real way of making money and becoming their own boss?”

See more photos below:

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