Children are dying while Pator Adeboye wants N1 Billion to build New Auditorium? – Aroms Aigbeh

As shared on Facebook;

Pastor Enoch Adeboye started the bidding to build a new auditorium for $3,000,000. That is three million USD or N1 billion naira.

No wonder, even Governor Ambode of Lagos declared that the GO’s and the pastors in Nigeria are encouraging corruption. Where in Jesus name can someone get N1 billion Naira in Nigeria to donate to the church to build an auditorium without stealing it from the Government? Even genuine businessmen cannot give away such money without affecting their business.

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O lord! how long can we go on like this? Children are dying in the desert and enslaved in Libya. Pastor Adeboye, where is your conscience?

How did we get here men of god?

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