Top 9 Healthy Protein Drinks For Men


Top 9 Healthy Protein Drinks For Men


Unlike most female athletes who strive to get rid of fat, men care about increasing musculature. On this account, drinking rich-in-protein shakes is an important element of their weight management activities.

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Today, the market of sports nutrition bursts of an abundance of versatile merchandise. Unfortunately, not all of them deserve your attention. It is a regular practice to encounter an unhealthy product, which can lead to adverse reactions. Still, a deep search reveals miscellaneous decent protein drinks to add to the daily ration.


EAS 100% Whey


Do you suppose that 30g of protein is enough for the musculature to grow? I bet it is. Moreover, you will find more than 7g of BCAAs in each serving. There is nothing to worry about the content of the drink since no artificial ingredients or added sugar are in the package.


Quest Protein


Nine flavors of the merchandise are the major attraction for consumers. At the same time, the drink is rather good and effective providing 110 kcal and 23g of the core ingredient to increase your musculature. Gluten, soy, and sugar are outlawed, so you will find only necessary nutrients in the package.


Vega Protein & Greens


This brand lags behind the previously mentioned one by the number of flavors available. However, users who seek for plant-based protein will give precedence to this particular shake packed with versatile veggies and greens. This absolutely natural drink will be a decent solution for your ration.




It is complex solution to provide antioxidant support and supply vital nutrients to the organism. The merchandise holds components from organic sources. You won’t find gluten, genetically modified organisms, artificial preservatives, rye, stearates, wheat, eggs, barley, or nuts.


Bariatric Fusion


Another product with nine delicious tastes of your choice. Besides, the unflavored option is also provided for those who hesitate about the best taste. Though the drink is intended for patients before and after bariatric surgery, it can be a decent supplement to anyone’s ration.




This drink is an absolutely natural dietary additive made of skim milk, soy, honey enzymes, and yogurt powder. Each serving supplies 27g of the core ingredient along with 15g of carbs. At the same time, the energy value is just 180 kcal.


Muscle Milk


Your body will be happy since each serving of this drink provides 16g of the muscle-building ingredient and 20 versatile vital nutrients. Do you want more? Use two servings at once but beware of calories (320).


100% Vegan Protein


This drink can be characterized by several simple phrases such as delicious taste, 20g of plant-derived protein, no gluten, soy and GMO. Nothing else matters.


Iconic Protein


The latest item in our list is a natural drink made of grass-fed milk protein isolate, sea salt, cocoa powder, and Colombian Coffee. It is not a joke. Be prepared to enjoy 180 mg of caffeine in each bottle. The product is rich in protein and great for musculature building endeavors.



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