Shocking story of how 3 friends slept with the same girl, in the same house, on the same day

A story is currently trending on Twitter and not only is it a bizarre version of life’s ironical happenstances but it’s also rather shocking of what happens to good people when they do good things.

One David on Twitter has shared the real life story of how three of his friends slept with the same girl, in the same house… on the same day… at different time intervals.

According to David, it all started with a bet that was made between two friends on that particular girl and then, there came the third, who said he should try his luck on her too…

But when it was David’s turn, things got complicated and later on… he received the shock of his life! Read his story below and tell us what you think…

The girl should be atleast 24yrs then… My guy brought her home, I don’t know how long or short time they’ve known each other but he had sex with her that very day he brought her home for the first time

So my guy to my other guy that he had sex with this girl for the first time he came home with him… Then my other guy said he can also have sex with her anytime she brings her home after wooing her, the first guy said it’s a lie, then the other guy asked for her number

The first guy gave out the number and the bet was on 1k bet… So the other guy called her a week later invited her to the same house… The girl came and never acted as if she had been in that house before, same room

The guy bought her coke and gala… Then they had sex that same day,so this very 2nd guy went outside to call the 1st guy that he has won the bet that the so called girl is in the room and I was the witness cus I was hearing her her moaning from the parlour

So the 1st came to confirm… He went inside asif he was looking for something… You know nah guys flat, so he opened the door so her laying down and the girl be like where have you been, I wanted to surprise you with a visit she said.

My guy aka the first guy was shocked but still played along, he said she should have called next time but no shit, then ask who bought the coke and gala for you, she said she bought it while coming… My guy played along

Meanwhile the 2nd guy went outside listening to their conversation from the window, I was in the parlour laughing to the drama cus it was funny

Then this guy closed the door, then had sex with the girl… The other guy was watching from the window seeing the whole thing, then when he was done he came out and then called the other guy to come in

So they both started laughing and gisting me everything inside the parlour where I was… I was like is she mad ni… Then one of the friend of the 1st knocked and came into the house, they narrated the story to him, he was like wtf, the girl cheap bdat ooo

If I try my luck me sef fit fuck her ooo he said… The two guys said he should enter and try is luck… I was like are guys mad ni, they lol and the 3rd guy went in, we heard him talking to the and the convo was normal and till the girl started crying, me thinking she won’t

Accept until we heard nothing ooo, next thing she started moaning, the 3rd guy was already digging, the 3rd lasted longer on her and she was making with the sound of enjoyment… I was shocked at the door side where I was getting the whole sound effect of the sex

The guy came out sweating and smiling with his jeans sagging down with his boxers… I was like like seriously wtf, he went to the fridge to water and started Gist the 3 of us… Now it was my time to go in to try.

They were telling me go you go fuck am… I said OK so I went in found her naked, cup cake boobs and smooth skin and curve portable ass.

Then I said sup angel… She looked up and started crying, you too, plss don’t, I was shocked and be like what kinda luck do I have like this, my dick went down instantly.

Deep inside my mind, if I try to force her it’s gonna be a rape thing which I can’t cus I don’t see sense in having forceful sex when the other party is not interested and in pain.

Meanwhile other guys had already been looking from the window side from outside cus the cotton was slightly opened, I stood looking at her, thinking of the worst that can happen but with the tears dropping from her eyes I couldn’t think less.

So I approached her, sat on the bed, picked her clothes, her bra and black pant, told her, I won’t touch you, I can’t stand you crying and still wanna have sex with you… She said thank you sir.

So she started dressing up, helped her pinned her bra, watched her dressed up from her nakedness.

Then I cleaned her face… Sat her down, asked her if she wanted anything, she said she’s OK but I should get her cold water and then powder to make up that she wanna start going that her madam will be worried about her by now.

I stood up, went to get her powder and went to the parlour to the kitchen to get her water… Opened the door met all the guys and they be like what happened,what’s all the rubbish, am I trying to form the boy is good or what.

I said no… That me I want her to relax before I sex her… They knew I was lying so they started going out of the flat one by one, so I went for the water, came back in, we started talking normal as if nothing happened.

So she was feeling fine and normal, then she said can she wait a little longer, I was like but your madam nko, she said I should forget her joor, that she’s even tired of her.

She started telling me how her madam was hard on her… I asked madam of what, she said she works in a saloon… I said OK, we chatted for like another hour, then I reminded her it’s getting dark you should start going but she should give me her number so I can get back to her.

She gave me her number then asked for tfare… I gave her 1k two 500… I saw her off to where she can’t get bike going to fagba…

2hrs later I called her she dint pick… Called her again she dint pick, so I waited for another 1hr so I then called again… ONLY for me to hear what I will never forget in my life.

Hello who is this, I said me David the guy who saw you off after that little incident in so so place… She said you the impotent guy who can’t fuck, you are useless plss don’t call my fone again… Impotent oshi… I said ehnn? Hello, she cut the call.

I almost killed myself that day with serious deep thinking… Me impotent, me David oghe impotent, I called her back, the fone rang then switched off… I could not tell any of those 3guys what happened after they left.

I was called an impotent for doing the right… but men in general are still scum

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