5 types of guys you should avoid in University as a girl

The tertiary trend known as ‘Operation Catch them Young’, which entails orientating fresh undergraduates who hasn’t gotten use to the vis a vis of a university preferably done in the beginning of a new session.

As informative as the trend can be, it is also staged as an hideout for returning students especially males to mislead the female new intakes..

As a result of this, We put out five (5) roadmap to discovering and avoiding these desperate guys. Find below..

1. The Violent Ones

Even though it is said that characters and attitudes cannot be written on the forehead but this set of guys are easily identified.

As a fresher, you need to set your priorities right, Define yourself, What you want, the milestone you want to set and the friends you roll with as this will set you positively on the right path not just academically and also avoid you from the violent guys in school so as not to b falsely bullied and incriminated.

The violent guys are mostly called the happening guys in school as they have some sort of trademark ranging from their manner of approach, Hair do, walking steps, interaction, character exhibited etc.

As pleasing as they may look, they shun off classes as majority of them belong to cultist group and association that seldom look for fresh new students to initiate and turn into an accomplice in any of their evil mission.

They even go as far as taking hard drugs and pills which shouldn’t be expected of a good student.

2. The Passive Ones

They can be likened to the saying a green snake under green grass. As gentle as they make look outwardly, they are very dangerous as they exhibit characters of keeping to themselves, not contributing in class but still find means to pass when exams comes. Studies shows these sets of passive student as the don of cultism.

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3. The Popular Ones

They are nick-named Popular Jingo in school, because of their involvement in social activities as they are virtually known by everyone in school which makes them vulnerable to danger especially in politics and social wise as this attracts enemies.

4. The Fashionistas

Fashion is life but not setting priorities can mislead a student. These set of students love fashion alot and they can do anything extra to go with latest trends. New intakes who roll with them will be oriented wrongly as they device means of using school fee, departmental fee and all other necessary and mandatory money to buy clothes and accessories which end result is bad and when they are exhausting the fees, they go into prostitution forming cliques.

5. The Nice Ones

They tag themselves as starter’s helpers, oreintators, school fathers, these guys will help you submit your files, connect you to lecturers, house renting, and all other form of hospitality to make sure you are fine but once you get settled they seek earlier favor in return and rob you of your provisions, pocket money, to the latest once they know you are a virgin, they bank on that and find means to dis-flower you,ofcourse for someone who had helped you earlier, declination will be far from an option. They also set up irrelevant tutorials to extort money from students.

Finally, the moral of this roadmap is to guide you exclusively as to defining yourself, rudiments of a good student and how to relate to friends at the same time avoiding the bad ones.

Always Remember, you were offered admission alone, don’t jeopardize that by engaging yourself with bad friends also never forget to be mutual and friendly…

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