56% of trucks in Apapa have no business in ports – Report

A report on the gridlock on the access road to the Apapa Port on Wednesday revealed that more than half of the container trucks visiting Apapa, Lagos daily had no immediate business to transact in the port.

The report emanated from an independent study conducted by a Maritime Consulting firm: Ships & Ports Ltd. and a don at the Lagos Business School, Dr Frank Ojadi.

The report issued by Mr Bolaji Akinola, the Chief Executive Officer of Ships & Ports Ltd., explained that truckers that genuinely had business to do in Apapa Port spent an average turnaround time of two days.

“This report was prepared with the purpose of giving insight into the number of container trucks coming into Apapa Port in relation to the total number of trucks sighted within Apapa environs.

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“Two points were selected – the start of Creek Road at the tip of Liverpool Bridge and the start of Wharf Road near Area `B’ Police station – to collect information on trucks coming into Apapa.

“It was observed that 44 per cent of the containers coming into Apapa community through these access points were intended for transactions in Apapa Port, while 56 per cent did not have any form of transactions in the port.

“The data gathered was analysed to show the time and frequency taken from sighting to entry into the port,’’ the report said.

According to the report, a survey was carried out on 5,515 trucks at observation points over a period of two weeks.

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