8-Year-Old Girl Dies Of Infection, After Being Raped In Lagos

An unidentified 8-year-old girl have reportedly died of infection from rectovaginal fistula, after she was raped by an unknown man in Bariga, Lagos state.

A Facebook user, Adeniyi FunminiWealth Adeniyi shared the news on the platform, She added that the line between the girl’s vagina and anus cut which led to the death of the young girl.

She wrote;

“This world is wicked…..some men are the devil themselves…..I’m so speechless!! How will a man rape an eight year old girl to the extent that the line between her vagina and anus cut….Lord Jesus….I’ve seen it all.
They didn’t know on time n d wound got infected…that was how the girl died of infection.
I’m so sad right now….despite all d brothels in dis state, grown up girls everywhere but u rather chose to defile dis innocent child, I’m full of tears right now.
All the men in the house refused to say who did it.

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