Pregnant Woman Who Posed With 20,000 Bees On Baby Bump In Maternity Shoot Loses Baby (Photos)

A mother who posed with 20,000 bees in a unique maternity photo shoot has suffered a stillbirth. Emily Mueller, 33, revealed that her baby died in the womb over the weekend.

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In a heartbreaking post on her Facebook page, Mueller details everything from when she first suspected there was a problem when she stopped feeling the baby kicking, to the the moment she gave birth surrounded by caring nurses and doctors.

Emily, who has three other children, Cadyn, 10, Madelynn, three and one-year old Westyn said she was preparing for an upcoming event on Thursday and didn’t notice her baby’s lack of movement.

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She and her husband decided to go to the hospital to check things out for themselves in order to hear a heartbeat but were sadly told the devastating news that their son had died just days before the due date.

The Muellers found out Emersyn was a boy after they had returned from the hospital because the family, who had previously been waiting to find out his gender until he was born, ‘wanted to know who we were mourning.’

She says that she believes her baby died from a blood clotting issue that has caused other family members to suffer miscarriages.

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