‘Please respect yourelf’ – Bobrisky issues stern warning to Lilian Esoro for disrespecting him

If there’s one thing Bobrisky’s fans know it’s that if anyone should say negativestuff about Bobrisky, he’d come back for you with every living thing within him.

Here’s what went down..

So yesterday, Lilian Esore shared a video (now viral), of her son playing with her wig. But she did not stop there, Lilian went ahead and ‘forbade every Bobrisky spirit in her son.


“Caught on camera.. I reject every bob spirit aminnnn”, The actress captioned the video

Bobrisky, upon seeing this did not take it lightly at all, and we expected a major comeback from him.

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But would you know, in what we think is one of Bob’s classiest comebacks, he simply politely told Lilian to quit disrespecting him ‘cos of the respect he has for the actress.

He said; “Lilian Esoro i think i like u…so i won’t disrespect u. Pls let that not repeat itself. Must u all call Bobrisky name in your videos? I don’t find that funny at all. Cheers”

In another snap, he wrote; “Pls let’s respect ourselves. Cos my drama has no part 2”

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