South African woman sleeps with Axe and knives to protect herself from rapists and thieves (Photo)

When she goes to bed, Nomthandazo Brook takes with her all sorts of deadly weapons.
The 53-year-old woman from Gunguluza in Uitenhage deals with crime in her own way.She
sleeps with axes, knives, a hammer and a dozen forks!

She said someone knocked on her front door last October but she kept quiet.“That’s when I
decided to sleep with these weapons.
“There are tsotsis everywhere in our area and they know who lives alone and who doesn’t.”
She said the horror of women’s rapes and deaths in Mzansi forced her to come up with ways to
defend herself.
She used to do karate.“I trained at Prove Yourself Karate Club. I left the club after I kicked
dozens of men during training.”
She’s also a qualified shooter.“After I got my certificate, I bought myself a firearm!
“I sleep with all my weapons.”

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