See the Creepy Creatures A Man Pulled Out from Russian Waters (Photos)

Roman Fedortsov, a deep sea diver has revealed what he saw lurking in the depths of the ocean.

According to a Daily Star UK report, the man spends his days working on a fishing trawler and diving in the deep seas – but he’s not just catching cod and carp.

He found strange creatures in the water

The Russian seaman, who’s based in the port city Murmansk, has discovered a host of terrifying underwater monsters that look like they’re straight out of an alien sci-fi film.

He started sharing spine-chilling snaps of the weirdest creatures and most unusual catches on Instagram and Twitter, sending internet fans into meltdown.

Sometimes Roman recognises the bizarre beasts of the ocean and lets his followers know what they are.

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He tweeted: “Here’s another Macrourus. The scales are like sandpaper. #Fishing #BarentsSea.”

But sometimes he’s less than sure how to identify the freaky fish and asks the internet for help.

Sharing a picture, he said: “We’re still arguing about this one. What is it?”

And it’s not just fish that the angler happens across.

During one expedition Roman came across a bright orange and yellow sea spider.

He said: “Creatures like this one end up in the net, too.

“I hope it’s not poisonous.”

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