Church-goers beat police officer for towing illegally parked car (Video)

Johannesburg – One person has been arrested after a group of church congregants overpowered, assaulted and disarmed a Johannesburg Metro Police Department officer.

The attack took place on Sunday just before midday, JMPD spokesperson chief superintendent Wayne Minaar said.

He said the officer and his colleague towed an illegally parked car that was causing traffic congestion. The car belonged to a member of a church on Claim Street in Hillbrow.

“From interim investigations, it is believed that the JMPD officer drew his firearm and fired into the air to stop the rioting congregants from advancing toward them, but the crowd did not heed the warning but proceeded to attack the officer.”

Minaar said the group overpowered and disarmed the officer “who was beaten and left unconscious and had to be rushed to Milpark Hospital”.

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An arrest was made when the assailants went to hand in the officer’s firearm at Johannesburg Central Police Station, he said.

“Upon arrival at the station, one member of the congregation was detained by the [police] for illegally being in possession of a JMPD officer’s firearm.”

Public Safety Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) Michael Sun condemned the attack saying officers were doing their job and executing the city’s by-laws.

“We will not allow this attack on our metro police go unprosecuted, the culprits will have to face the full might of the law,” Sun said.

The second officer was not injured.

Watch video below:

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