‘AKA is the only man that has been proud to be with me’ – Bonang Matheba

Widely celebrated South African celebrity Bonang Matheba has lifted the lid on her relationship with AKA, telling the media that the rapper is the only man she has ever dated who is proud to be with her.

The pair are one of the most popular couples in Mzansi and regularly flaunt their love for each other on social media. While love is something that many celebs are shy to talk about in public, B isn’t scared to declare her love for her man.

“AKA is the only man who has ever been proud to be with me and the only man that has ever really protected me. I am proud to be his and he is proud to be mine,” she said.

In fact, Bonang is so smitten that she even moved her 30th birthday party around to accommodate his schedule, so he could celebrate the milestone with her.

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“He was working at the Durban July (a week before my party) and I just had to have him there (at my party),” she said.

Bonang said despite the glitz and glamour, the pair are no different to any other couple in the country and love spending time together, which fans will get to see on her upcoming reality show.

“What the reality show is going to show is that we are simple people who wake up and do the same things as everyone else. What we do just happens to put a smile on people’s faces. All we want to do is make people smile. I think the reality show and book will open up a beautiful layer of what people haven’t seen,” Bonang added.

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