10 Realistic steps a lady should follow if she truly desires marital peace

Each time I hear ladies talk about the need to be careful in choosing the man to marry and they use words like “it’s better to marry late and be with the right guy rather than get married in a hurry and regret”….i just shake my head and wonder why our ladies just don’t get it ….

You can never be too careful in choosing the right man and if you like wait a thousand years trying to be careful,it’s never a sure proof that you will end up with the right guy.

Ladies must understand that marriage is a risk. There is no good or bad choice of man but what we have is “YOUR CHOICE” and what you make out of it so you must learn how to deal with it.

So in my opinion,I present to you 10 unusual steps you can follow if you truly want to experience marital happiness.

Let’s get started.

1.Dont just follow your heart but use your head and be with that man who truly cares for you and not the one you desire cos the guy you want may not want you so don’t force it.

In marriage,your feelings count but what is more important is how that guy feels for you so once you are convinced that the guy truly wants you,stop wasting time trying to be too careful,do a due diligence on him and if he is clean,just take the risk and marry him if he proposes.

2.Ok you are now married and he is all over you so you just believe he is such a sweet romantic angel that have eyes for just you….

Well im so sorry to break your heart but expect him to cheat and be psychologically prepared for that regardless of how crazy he feels for you.

*Yes I know not all men cheat bla bla bla” just expect him to but if he doesn’t. …CONGRATS.

3. And the moment you suspect that he is cheating on you please don’t fight him or bring down the roof cos that will make things worse.
Remember that the home wrecker out there knows he is married to you and wants you out so don’t grant her wish but take charge of your emotions.

Many randy men don’t ever leave their wives but they always come back after having a taste of that hopeless side dish but when you heat it up,you just might push your man out totally cos at that point,all he cares about is tasting that side dish and he will do anything to make that happen. (Crazy but true. )

Just tell him gently that “incase he does not love himself but for your sake and the innocent children present or yet to come,he should use protection and also respect you by carrying out that mad act far far away from you”

Crazy I know but it really makes no sense fighting him cos that will never make him stop.

4.Get busy and give him lots of space.Be financially independent so that he will not see you as a liability and you will not even have that time to bother your head about who he sees….

I know some men don’t want their wives to work but I will advise the ladies not to buy into that but must make all efforts to be financially independent even if their hubbies have all the money in the world.

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One secret ladies don’t know is that men place great value on ladies who worry less about their whereabouts and are financially independent to stand on their own.

5.Be very careful how you make babies and bring to the world the number of children you can conviniently cater for without the help of any man cos anything can happen and you just might be the one to carry their responsibilities. …

Be wise.

6. Be a great wife,be humble,romantic, God loving and be good in the kitchen and the other room.

7.If after doing all you can to be the best wife and he still cheats on you with impunity I advice you just face your life and that of your children rather than leave your marriage cos there is no guaranty that your next man will be better.And strangely,8 out of 10 ladies who leave their marriage because their husbands were unfaithful usually end up as intimacy gadgets in the hands of randy men,as a lonely single mum,and ironically,as a mistress to another married man so why leave your marriage in the first instance?

Be strong and let him know that it is his loss not yours but don’t ever leave your marriage for a side dish to be the main dish….a side dish she is and a side dish she will remain.

8.The moment you start raising children,focus more on improving your life and that of the children cos your husband may cease to be yours but your children will forever be yours.

Worry less about who he sees,where he goes,the ladies around him. …but let your focus be on building your life and a better future for your children.

9.Marriage is such a beautiful institutiin where you create your own world.

No matter how turbulent it may be,try to keep your family together because the devil derives great joy in destroying marriages simply because it was Almighty GOD that meticulously created the institution.

If you are faced with a violent husband,report him to the authorities so that he can be put in check….pray always for a solid family because marriage is a spiritual bond.

For the sake of GOD and the children,try to remain in your marriage cos the negative effects of divorce on the woman and most importantly the children are too numerous to discuss.

Divorce is never a viable solution to marital crises just like cutting off the head is never the best option to treat a lingering headache….there is always a better way to resolve issues.
Always remember that no marriage is perfect and the best marriage is not between two lovers or two romantic and compatible people,but the best marriage is between two forgivers.

10. No matter what,always understand that the key to your marital happiness is not hinged on your hubby’s faithfulness or how caring he is towards you….you are responsible for your own happiness so choose to be happy always regardless of how crazy things may look around you.

As odd and difficult as this advice may sound,it has worked for our mothers who were faced with serious marital challenges and it can also work for you.

Marriage does not guaranty happiness but you must meticulously make that decision to be happy against all odds because your true source of happiness lies inside of you.

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