Why UNILAG Students Think They Are The Best

It is pretty easy to get jealous when UNILAG students begin to tell you so many good things about their school which your school may not have.

Have you ever heard UNILAG students talk about their school? If you haven’t, you need to be in a gathering of three or four students or graduates of the institution.

NYSC camp is one of such gatherings where you can find University of Lagos graduates bullying other prospective corp members with lofty tales about their school.

If you listen too long, they’ll make you consider doing your masters program in UNILAG.

It is pretty easy to get jealous when UNILAG students begin to tell you so many good things about their school which your school may not have.

You might think they are too proud, they are really not. It is just because the school has given them something to brag about. This is why they appear loquacious when the topic of discussion is UNILAG.

But if you think these students and graduates are bragging over nothing, consider these points and compare it with your University.

The Lagos Factor:

Lagos makes things happen. Lagos is glam, if you are not in Lagos, you are not in Nigeria. We can conclude this is the social panegyrics of the ever-bubbling and bustling city.

Lagos beautiful qualities rob off on UNILAG as an educational institution. And when you say Lagos is the centre of excellence, you can equally say same about UNILAG academic wise.

Being among the first generation universities in Nigeria established when Lagos was the capital of the country makes UNILAG to be more prominent than the University of Abuja and many other Federal universities. So among Universities, University of Lagos is where things happen, take it or leave it.

The University’s Alumni:

One of the reference points UNILAG students are always quick to mention when talking about their school is the quality of its alumni.

Most famous people in Nigeria are graduates of UNILAG. The list of prominent people who attended UNILAG is endless.
From Politics to Entertainment to Business, Media and to the Pulpit. Some of the biggest and finest names in all sectors belong to this University. Just name five celebrities, you’ll find out that three are UNILAG alumni. Mind you, they are not just in these sectors, they are industry leaders.

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Social life:

The University of Lagos is an institution that demonstrates equilibrium between academic and social life. You can be a bookworm if you want or a party rider, but I know in UNILAG you can study and catch fun at the same time.
Nightlife in this institution is super lit and no student of another school would have this experience and not get green with envy.
Just like the slogan of Lagos in the 80s ‘Eko for Show’ Lag, for short is an academic environment where academics and socialites meet. Eko for show is a slogan that implies partying, enjoyment and fun…In UNILAG, you’ll find all these in abundance.

The First Choice Narrative:

Most admission seekers in Lagos state prefer UNILAG to LASU, YABATECH, LASPOTECH and any other Federal University in the south-west region. This has brought about the narrative that UNILAG is the number one choice among admission seekers.

This claim is not spurious because a lot of JAMB candidates are still very crazy about this university even though UNILORIN has reportedly become the most preferred choice in the whole of Nigeria.

Exposure and Job Opportunities:

The University of UNILAG like no other offers its students exposure and job opportunities. There are places UNILAG students would go and be admitted for internship. Many other institutions don’t enjoy this privilege. For instance, Bank of Industry and Mckinsey are establishments that give UNILAG students preference over another school.

So, these are some of the things that make them feel like the best. However, the success of a student is not only about the school, the students’ efforts count too.

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