80-Yr-Old Father & Son Flog 100-Yr-Old Mother To Death For Killing Granddaughter Through Witchcraft

An 80-year-old man, Kwacha Manu and his son, Likita, 40, have been paraded by Niger State Police Command for their alleged involvement in the death of their 100-year-old mother and grandmother, Inne Kaiyo.

The incident occurred at Marke Gada Maje. Manu allegedly killed his mother for purportedly killing Likita’s daughter, Magajiya, through witchcraft. Following the death of Magajiya, 17, her grandfather, Manu, who could not bear the loss, allegedly used sticks to flog his mother to death.

Sources alleged that Inne used witchcraft to kill people in her extended family. Magajiya is said to be the ninth person to die in “unnatural circumstances” in the family. Manu, who admitted to have flogged his mother, claimed he only flogged her on the legs, “which couldn’t have killed her.” He alleged:

“After killing my granddaughter, I could not just let her go free.
So I used a dry stick to cane her on the legs, asking her why she killed her great grandchild, who took care of me, unlike her, who did nothing for me.”
Asked how they knew his mother was responsible for the girl’s death, Manu said: “We knew through my
late granddaughter, Magajiya, when she was ill.

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She cried and begged her great grandmother, Inne, to release her soul. We all begged my mother to release her, but she refused. I’m aware that my mother was a witch.” Likita said he was not in the village when the incident occurred.
His words:

“I don’t know why the police arrested me. Besides losing my daughter, my two other children are ill. I’ve not even seen the body of my late child.”

Police spokesman Abigail Unaeze said father and son were nabbed for homicide and had confessed. He added that they would soon be arraigned.

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