Nigerian Man Who Disguised As A Woman To Secure A Job In Niger State Exposed (Photos) –

A young man who dresses up like a woman to work has been apprehended after the gender impostor was discovered when some part of his clothing fell off at work.

Young man who dresses up as a woman to secure a job arrested in Niger state

Some photos of a man dressed as a woman to work has emerged on social media and circulating online.

According to multiple reports, the man changed his identity and started work with an organisation in Niger as a woman. Many unsuspecting co-workers related to him as a female and for a while his lie stuck with no one noticing.

Unfortunately, he had been going on his regular business until one day his clothing fell, revealing the padded underwear he had worn for months to cover his chest and aid his pretence as a woman.

He was discovered immediately and arrested for falsifying his identity and deceiving people.

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