Kate Henshaw complains about how soft-drinks are expensive in the cinema (Video)

Minutes ago Nollywood Actress,Kate Henshaw took to Instagram to share a short video and for some reasons she complained about how expensive Minerals (drinks) are sold at Cinema,it really got to her when one of the staffs there told her a plastic bottle of Coke was N300, Damn N300? Its as if they are adding the expenses used in running the Cinema to the price of the Mineral.

However, the already made actress did not make it seem like the drink was too expensive but she basically told them:

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“So this is how you guys sale drinks here? Its alright,Its alright,next time I will come with my own mineral”
Further more,the Actress went on express that buying drinks at cinema wasnt a big deal (Although it is to some people) she wrote:

“Having a laugh with the girls behind the counter..

Here to watch THE MOVIE Couple’s Award at Filmhouse Surulere.

Click on this link for the video:

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