WWE Legend Rick Flair says he Masturbated Twice a day and has slept with over 10,000 women

Former WWE star Ric Flair has come out in an explosive new interview to say he masturbated twice a day… in addition to bedding “maybe 10,000” women.

Flair, 68, made the shocking revelation after the curtains were drawn on his remarkable wrestling career.

The Nature Boy wasn’t shy about his drinking problems, saying he would swig “at least 10 beers a night” before his life threatening surgery in August, Sun writes.

Ric Flair was one of the biggest names in the sport, becoming the only wrestler to make the Hall of Fame twice. And according to him, there is “no way he should still be alive” having lived the way he did.

Speaking on ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary, he was asked how many women he had been with to which the 16-time World Heavyweight Champ responded: “Maybe 10,000.”

On the question of monogamy, Flair, who is now engaged to Wendy Balow, said:“I probably took it real serious for about a day… I mean, I tried, but it just – I was miserable.”

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The WWE legend also told his eye-opening story of his drinking problem which led to his death scare back in August.

“I’ll drink at least 10 beers, and probably five mixed drinks (every day),” he said.

After telling the psychologist that this had been going on for 20 years, the shocked shrink said:“That’s not possible.” Flair responded: “Oh yeah it is”, before adding “By the time I got through with that son on a b****, he was laying on the couch and I was on the chair talking to him.”

Ric Flair was rushed to hospital in the fall (of 2017) for life threatening surgery after suffering “multiple organ problems.”

And he said: “There’s no way I should be alive after some of the stuff I’ve done.”

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