Male abstinence from sex: benefit or harm?

Male abstinence from sex: benefit or harm?

What is abstinence from sex for men? Benefit or harm? Evidence from opponents and adherents of abstinence has accumulated a lot, but you can make specific conclusions for yourself only after reading all available information. The situation is aggravated by the fact that there is a total propaganda of sexual relations in the world. Sex is everywhere: in movies, advertisements, books. And it’s already hard to imagine your life without intercourse.

But is abstinence abhorrent or, on the contrary, contributes to the accumulation of useful substances and the strongest sexual energy in the human body? For an exact answer to this question we will take knowledge from several sources: modern medicine and the most popular spiritual practices.


Opinion against abstinence

The first obvious harm of abstinence is concluded in the psychic factor. A person with a high sexual constitution will feel uncomfortable, depressed, nervous and remain tense all the time. This will ultimately affect his health and his success in single women dating. But for men with a more moderate sexual appetite, such deprivations will not seem like a hard and exhausting trial.

It is believed that the prolonged restriction of men in sexual terms leads to irreversible consequences in the hormonal sphere. Israeli scientists conducted research using seed samples from seven thousand men, and concluded that a long absence of sexual activity adversely affects the quality of sperm, although it increases its number.

Another proof that doctors operate is the opinion that the male penis constantly needs a certain amount of oxygen. It comes to the body only with an erection. If this does not happen for a long time, the vessels will be clogged with cholesterol plaques and it has a very negative effect on sexual health.


Cons of abstinence

There are several facts indicating the benefit of abstinence from sex proven by science:


  • Orgasm itself is a trial for a human. At this time the body is in a state of shock, there is a powerful cramp, which leads to negative processes in the vessels of the brain and muscles.
  • Immediately after ejaculation men always feel weakness, a decline in strength, because they lose a lot of difficult-to-replenish nutrients, significantly reducing immunity and energy potential.
  • There is a possibility to cause damage to internal organs during sexual intercourse and blood pressure is highly increased.

Scientists often cite the example of great geniuses and creators (Da Vinci, Newton, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Aristotle) ​​who successfully practiced abstinence and did not notice any negative consequences. Athletes of Ancient Greece were faster, stronger and healthier than everyone in their time. They preferred to completely abstain from sexual intercourse before the competition.


Tao of love

Now let’s turn to knowledge about sex in the philosophical and spiritual system of Tao. Tao believes that in order to extend the limits of human existence, it is necessary to be moderate in everything. Especially it concerns sexual habits. Frequent depletion of the “life elixir” leads to premature withering of the body, susceptibility to diseases. It is difficult to disagree with this statement, right?

Tao-masters came to the conclusion that the best option would be sexual intercourse without losing valuable resources, without ejaculation. Of course, not on a permanent basis, because our species can die out in a few decades.

Choosing a side in the dispute “for or against abstinence,” you should be guided by personal feelings. Listen to your body: it certainly has the right answer!

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