Greedy woman caught on camera stealing cash from Uber driver (Photos + Video)

A pretty young lady was caught on camera stealing money from a Uber driver’s tip jar.
The lady who has been identified as Gabrielle Canales, as sharing an Uber ride with two friends in New York, before slipped her hand into the driver’s box to steal cash – but didn’t realise her every move was being recorded.

In the footage posted online, Canales was sitting in the middle seat. But as the car pulls to a halt and her friends get out, she reaches forward towards the tip jar.

Looking directly at the camera, she pulls her hand back for a second, appearing to have second thoughts about stealing the cash, but at the last moment dips her hand into the jar and grabs a handful of notes. She then exits the taxi and dashes across the road to catch up with her friends.

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Realising something has happened, the driver turns to look at the back seats, and realises that all his money has been taken.

Now Canales has been identified as the woman involved.

Responding to criticism, the 18-year-old from Brooklyn said she ‘only’ took five dollars from the driver and claims to have later returned it.

Her Instagram account has since been deleted.

Uber said Canales has been banned from using the app.


Watch the video below:


Daily Mail

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