Man caught sleeping with a donkey

A 23 year old South African man was caught having sex with a donkey.

The 23-year-old Ntando Thembalethu Mankungwini claimed in court he had been instructed by
a spiritualist to have sex with the animal.

The spiritualist told him he would be a stronger man once he had sexual intercourse with the
animal, he told the court.

An Eastern Cape man has been sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment after he pleaded guilty
to having sexual intercourse with a donkey.

He was convicted of bestiality.

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He had come across a herd of donkeys and drove two of them to a secluded area where he
had sex with one.

National Prosecution Authority regional spokesman Luxolo Tyali said that
Mankungwini had been caught in the act by the grandson of the owner of the donkeys, who
gave chase thinking Mankungwini was stealing his grandfather’s donkeys.

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