Dirty Mind!! See What Women Thinks When You Stare At Them In Public

If you’ve ever being out with you friends at a bar, mall or any public space, chances are you’ve encountered men locking eyes with an attractive woman or even you as the case maybe.

But what exactly do the stares mean? Is she interested in you? Or did your eyes lock coincidentally?

If you find yourself in such shoes, you may have wondered how best to handle such situations. Here are a number of thoughts that are most likely going through her head when you make that fleeting or locked eye contact.

Is He married?
After she has ascertained that you’re staring at her, the most probable thought passing through her mind is if you’re married and she will bring her eyes down to your fingers, just to be sure.
The truth is even women that are all prim and proper tend to stare from time to time and they are not up for wasting their stares on you if you’re not available to rumble.

Is He Staring On Purpose?

If you find yourself locking eyes with her quickly and either one or both of you look away, chances are she will be thinking if you were staring at her on purpose.

She may also be thinking that your eyes were simply roving around the space around and you accidentally looked her way, the same time she stared at you. If your intention was to look her way or you simply liked what you saw the first time you did, try and make eye contact again.

Am I The Only One He’s Staring At?
She’s wondering that since she has been able to get you to look her way, whether her demeanour and looks grab your attention or not. Women mostly think they are one of many girls that you’re noticing in the room and this will make them become aware of any other person that you maybe looking at in the room.

She will be wondering if she’s just one of many that you’ve noticed in the room which will make her become aware of who else you’re looking at and if you’re making moves on them.

Does He Think I Am Hot?
If your eyes get locked with a woman, especially if they do so more than once, she most likely knows that you’re interested. What she will be thinking next is whether you think she’s beautiful or not. Most women will try adjusting their clothes and hair by twirling or flipping it a bit, or stand up a little straighter to look sexy. She wants to make sure you think she looks good.

How Can He Know That I Am Interested?

If you find her stares turning into smiles or laughs, she most likely wants you to know she’s friendly and approachable. Her intention is to make you feel comfortable enough to walk up to her and for you to know that she’s open to it.
More so, if you find out that her friends seem to be looking your way and they particularly exchange approving whispers and chats, she’s making an obvious move that can give you an inkling into what she’s thinking.

I Hope He Comes Over
If she is really interested in you, she won’t play around. She will most likely keep looking your way and keep smiling till you catch the hint and walk up to her. It’s not an accident, she’s simply giving you green light to walk over and talk to her.

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