Nigerian couple spotted eating in a restaurant as their maid watched (Video)

The video of a Nigerian couple has just gone viral on social media as they were seen eating together at a restaurant while their housemaid watched them. According to Nigeria’s youngest personal chef, Taylor, who posted the video on his Instagram handle, he disclosed that it is unfair the way some people treat their nannies and housemaids. Taylor posted the video with the caption:

“So this happened earlier today and just as I was telling me friend about how Nigerians treat Nannies and Maids etc this Happened. It’s the second time I am experiencing such within 2 weeks. You take your maid out and let her watch you eat! Sigh.”

He also wrote a note on the video which reads: “You bring your maid out and let her watch you and your husband eat! Amazing.”

See his post below:

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