Buhari deserves Nobel Laureate in anti-terrorism – BSO

A group, Buhari Support Organizations (BSO) has claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari deserves Nobel Laureate Prize for wining the war against Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria.

According to the National Coordinator of the BSO, Dr. Ibrahim Bello Dauda, no President, Head of State or government in the world had achieved the feat President Buhari has achieved in fighting Boko Haram terrorism in the North East.

He argued that Buhari’s administration has done so much that was not being talked about.

The BSO National Coordinator told New Telegraph that, “It is on record today that there are few leaders in the World that have managed to push back insurgency of the magnitude of Boko Haram within the space of 6-7 months.

“We have seen what Alshabash has done; we have seen the ISIS in the Iraq and Syria and a lot of other rebellion in the world. There is none that has been pushed back in the world within that record time.

“So, President Buhari should be given a Nobel Laureate Price in terrorism warfare because there is no leader in the world that has succeeded in pushing a very high skilled terrorists organization like Boko Haram from reclaiming almost 1 quarter of the country back to ground zero within a space of 7 months. It is a feat unachievable in history.”

The Nobel Laureate Prize is categorized into six namely: Physics, Chemistry, Physiology/Medicine, Literature, Economics and Peace.

The BSO Coordinator faulted claims that the present administration has not done anything to improve the welfare of the people.

He said, “a lot of people would have their opinions.

“I am looking at the broader picture while some persons are looking at government from a narrow perspective. You see when you talk about integrity and the percentage value either it has appreciated or depreciated, l think what we should appreciate is the fact that the fight against terror has succeeded over 80%.

“Everybody will agree to that. Where we are today is far, far better than where we were in 2015. There is nowhere you will eliminate terror just like you close a company and liquidate everything and you disappear. There would be pockets of resistance which would take a while ‎to be flushed out because these people will remove their uniform and moved into the civilian population and terrorism is not written on anybody’s forehead.

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“So, it would take some time using high-level intelligence networking, which they are doing. If you go out every day you will discover that they have either burst terrorists trying to bomb a place and arrest them before they do it; the military foils an attack here and there.

“The principal thing is that they have been pushed back to their primary areas, that is to ground zero. That is where they are now. You can go to Maiduguri do your businesses and go back. Commercial flights land and take off from Maiduguri today. It was not possible in 2014/2015.

“So, those criticizing the President and the government, l think they are just not being realistic.”‎

On corruption war, the BSO said, “And when you talk of fighting corruption, agree that things are not perfect and we shouldn’t expect them to be because this corruption would fight back.

“You are fighting people who have immeasurable amount of money and power and they are organized. Why do you call it an organized crime, it means it is not easy to burst. That is why you call it organized crime. It means that they are a group of people who have carefully organized themselves in committing a crime in whatever nature it is in a way that it is not easy for the law to catch up with them.

“Some of the investigation would take years, some of the prosecution would take years and don’t forget there is a constitution. Buhari cannot be a dictator as people are thinking or want him to be. It doesn’t work like that in a democracy.

“There is the intelligence agency that would bring the information, the arresting body that would arrest, the prosecution body that would prosecute and the judiciary that would judge.”

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