Nollywood Actor, Emmanuel Ikubese blasts Daddy Freeze over tithes (Video)

There aint many people who are supporting Daddy Freeze, and Former Mr Nigerian Emmanuel Ikubese has joined the league, he just blasted the OAP, that he should mind his business, and not been concerned about people’s tithe.. But ofcourse that won’t stop him from ”Freeing the sheeple” Right? lol..

He shared a video on IG and said;
“Will all due respect Dr Freeze, please we are tired of your ranting. Who do you think you are? You think you are so important that a pstor is dedicating his time to preach about you, remove you from Instagram or shut you up? Don’t you have work to do. What’s your problem with Christians paying tithe or offering? It’s a personal choice. Why are you so negative? What is it? Pastors are actually making good use of it. Using it to build up God’s house. I think you have too much energy. Focus on things that actually need people to lend their voices. Do you know the crime rate that would taken over our society if people don’t go to church? I speak on behalf on a lot of people, we are tired.”

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Watch video below:

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