Must See: 5 Real Things That Make Lagos Different From Other Nigerian Cities

Eko a.k.a (Lagos) is a city of many sides. You find the good, the bad and the ugly like most global metropolitan centers and this makes Lagos an exciting place to be.

Any first time visitor to the state will always marvel at the way Lagosians survive and when they experience this, they wouldn’t want to return to the places they came from. They want more.

This kind of enthralling, eye-catching and heart-thumping experiences are absent in other Nigeria cities.

1. Lagos Have South-Easterners Representing Them In The House Of Assembly

Lagos is the only state in Nigeria where you have people whose ancestry cannot be traced to the Yoruba heritage representing them in a position as high as the National Assembly. This is why Lagos is regarded as Nigeria’s melting pot.

Many expect that very soon, the city will have a non-Yoruba governor at the helm of State affairs especially as the metropolis plans to become a mega city by 2020.

2. The Expensive House Rent

Renting a house in Lagos is expensive. Whether in the highbrow areas or the hinterland, the price of rent is one of the highest in West Africa and the main culprits are the agents who hike the prices, leaving residents hapless.

Interestingly, the same amount of money you can use to rent a flat in Lagos can get you a bungalow in Abeokuta.

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3. The Hustle On The Highway Is Real

On the highway, you can buy ingredients to prepare a tasty pot of soup without even visiting the market. Not only ingredients but also other household items.

The constant presence of hawkers is one of the many things that makes the city unique. Many people say if you work hard in Lagos, you will survive. Well…this is actually true.

4. The Partying And Night Crawling

Despite all the hustling, the stress of traffic, and tension of working a 9am to 5pm job; Lagosians are still a lot cheerful as they never hesitate to enjoy themselves to the fullest whenever they have the chance.

This why bars and nightclubs frequented by fun seekers are always filled out in the evenings.

5. Lagosians Love Their Gala And Lacasera

Lagos is like no other city when it comes to street food. From suya, to kilishi, fried yam, akara (beancake), boiled plantain, roasted corn and not forgetting Gala and Lacasera, which is every one’s favourite nibble in traffic. It is what many people on a hot afternoon or an evening after work in Lagos buy when they are hungry.

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