Worshipper Padlocks his pair of rubber slippers at a mosque in Abuja (Photo & Video)

Hoodlums now direct their activities at places of worship like mosques where they make away with good-looking footwear.

Footwear like leather slippers and even rubber ones which are in good condition are targeted by especially junkies or drug addicts roaming the streets of Abuja.

They pretend to come for prayers at mosques and when the faithful bend down as part of the praying procedure, the crooks quickly collect their booty and make for the slums where they dispose of these items at give-away prices.

As a way of outdoing the crooks, many mosques now have shelf-like facilities within them where shoes and slippers are kept within sight of worshippers and out of reach of thieves.

But this worshipper was taking no chances as he locked his pair of rubber slide slippers with a heavy metal padlock while he prayed inside the mosque.

Watch video below:


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