Rush Hour Robbery: Tips On How To Stay Safe From Being Robbed

Its no news the alarming rate people are getting robbed in Lagos traffic and this happens mostly during the rush hour, from Apogbon to Orile, to Eko Bridge to Ikorodu, the list is endless, the populace begin to wonder if the state is short of police or if they were on strike especially in cases when you need them most.

It was reported recently of how a lady was robbed at Apogbon, another one was robbed at Eko bridge and we are yet to get the police to comment of any of these issues. Lagos been a cosmopolitan city is prone to traffic builds up and cars drive bumper to bumper, hawkers comes out to sell their goods and also people get robbed.

The past week has seen victims of car robberies (most of them being women) taking to social media to share their first hand experiences.

Here’s how to keep yourself safe in traffic:

Keep valuables away

Put your laptop and handbag in the trunk (boot), your phones too. Research has shown that robbers get attracted to you if they see you are pressing your phone in the traffic. If you need your phone because you are using it to navigate your location, dim the light of the phone and place it where it won’t be clearly visible.

Take off all jewellery (earrings, necklace, rings and your watch).

Forget the popular adage that says not all that glitters is gold, in as much as those criminals are involved, even your GL chain is gold, its therefore advisable to keep your jewelries, your golden wrist watch wedding bands at a safe haven. My friend says its even better you look like like an SU if possible. Lock doors and keep windows wound up. If your air conditioning is not working, crack the window down just a tiny bit. Test and see that even your fingers can’t pass through.

Be vigilant at all times

When the Bible says watch and pray, its not been spiritual alone, its talking about be conscious of your environment as well, always pay attention to your surroundings especially if you notice any usual movement.

Place self defense gear next to you

In law, self defense is not regarded as a crime especially when the other is trying to take your life. You can use items like pepper spray, a personal alarm or even a spanner – something you can defend yourself with. Someone even say you should buy a cutlass (I no dey ooo)

Keep a dummy phone/bag in your car

In most cases, these robbers leave immediately they get what they came for. Keep a decoy mobile phone or a decoy bag you can hand over to them as soon as the threat is established. In as much as this may sound nice but you need to be smart, what if they opened the bag and they found out you trying to trick them? Yes, its cool, but, think about it.

Call for help

Usually in these traffic situations, some of the other cars are unaware of what’s happening around them. In case you find yourself in a robbery situation – press your horn to draw attention to your situation. And try to squeeze your car out to there. Pray you find someone to reply to your cries and help. Meanwhile the LASEMA lines are free and open 24/7, you can call them on 767 or 112

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