Unbelievable: Driver Miraculously Survives After Crane Crashes On His Car in Broad Daylight (Video)

Although there have been many cases of lucky escapes before, it is obvious that this particular one is something else.

A video has shown the moment a man identified as Mr Li, 29, somehow survived after his car was crushed by a construction crane.

According to Metro UK, the unsuspecting driver was headed to work in Guangdong Province, southeast China, at around 8:15am on October 17, when the incident happened.

It seemed like there was no hope for him after CCTV showed the initial brutal impact in Zhuhai. The crane seemed to totally destroy his Audi car.

But after a few moments something miraculous happened – Mr Li poked his head through the broken roof. He was dazed but eventually climbed out of the car.

‘There was no sign at all and I think I was in a blind spot when the crane fell,’ Mr Li said. ‘My mind went blank and I was holding the pain when I crawled out of the car.’

Another driver, who also seemed shocked, came to check if he was OK.

Mr Li was eventually taken to hospital with a broken right ankle but it could have been much worse.

The crane had apparently lost its balance, according to Sohu News. Police are investigating the incident.

Watch the video below:

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