Namibians boycotts American Singer Omarion concert for being disrespectful (Photos)

American singer Omarion‘s concert in Namibia was reportedly a no-show as Namibians allegedly boycotted the event.

According to reports, the decision to boycott the show came after the singer billed to perform at the Independence Stadium in Windhoek on Friday refused to turn up for a press conference earlier in the day with his manager claiming he was exhausted from his flight and could not meet with the press anymore.

However, he was shocked on getting to the venue of the concert later in that night to perform only to meet a handful of fans.
His thousands of Namibian fans decided to boycott it as punishment and teach him respect.

South African media personality Phil Mphela explained what happened on Twitter and wrote:

“Big up to Namibian press, influencers & people for teaching Omarion & future American guests a lesson. DONT DISRESPECT US!!
Omarion showed up in Namibia, REFUSED TO SHOW UP AT A PRESS CONF. AND Namibians paid him back in kind by not showing up to his concert ??
Good to know that other African countries, you disrespect their media, they dont suck up & push your event anyway. Love u Namibia?? & Nigeria??.
Reportedly the media waited for him at a press conference & he was a no-show so his manager said he was ‘exhausted from his flight'”

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