Unbelievable: See the Evil Serial Killer Who Boasted About Getting Pleasure From Killing Homeless Victims (Photo)

An evil killer who boasted how she got “s*xual pleasure” from stabbing her victims has been jailed for 13 years.

Elena Lobacheva, 27, was a member of a ruthless gang of five “butchers” who murdered 14 people as part of their twisted plan to “clean” Moscow.

She claimed to have been inspired by the 1998 horror movie Bride of Chucky, about a doll possessed by a mass murderer, but also hero-worshipped notorious Russian serial killer Alexander Pichushkin.

Smiling gang leader Pavel Voitov, 23, attempted a Nazi salute despite being handcuffed in court as he was sent down for life.

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Standing next to Lobacheva in the glass cage, he wore a shirt emblazoned with the words “Only Hatred”.

The woman murderer, who allegedly laughed as she murdered homeless people, wore a mask covering her face.

After her arrest she told police that “randomly stabbing the body of a dying human brought her s*xual pleasure”.

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